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  • Sam Palladio and Chris Cormack - Right Where You Want Me

    Fecha del video: 2018-04-18T15:55:02.000Z | Fuente: youtube

  • "Right Where You Want Me" written by Jim Lauderdale & Odie Blackmon

    Fecha del video: 2018-01-17T02:42:12.000Z | Fuente: youtube

  • Nashville Cast - I'll Be There (If You Want Me) (feat. Sam Palladio) (

    Fecha del video: 2013-01-29T11:34:00.000Z | Fuente: youtube

  • Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen - Fade Into You (from Nashville: On The Rec

    Fecha del video: 2015-04-04T13:40:31.000Z | Fuente: youtube

  • Nashville - Tough All Over (feat. Chris Carmack & Sam Palladio)

    Fecha del video: 2013-04-17T04:19:20.000Z | Fuente: youtube

  • Nashville Cast - Shine (Acoustic) (feat. Sam Palladio)

    Fecha del video: 2013-04-14T16:40:24.000Z | Fuente: youtube

  • Nashville Cast - Friend of Mine (from Nashville: On The Record 2)

    Fecha del video: 2015-04-04T14:24:25.000Z | Fuente: youtube

  • Nashville Cast - Can't Say No To You (feat. Chris Carmack & Hayden Pan

    Fecha del video: 2013-12-11T22:02:06.000Z | Fuente: youtube

  • Nashville: "When The Right One Comes Along"

    Fecha del video: 2013-09-24T20:24:15.000Z | Fuente: youtube

  • Jonathan Jackson, Chris Carmack, Rainee Blake, Sam Palladio-Smoking Th

    Fecha del video: 2018-03-27T16:36:57.000Z | Fuente: youtube

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